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D`Lite Wit    
We must have wandered into the red-light district...

Articlecode: MI0204WIT

Some inventions in magic are just a flash in the pan. But there are others that make history ... 'D'Lite' is just such a one!

You'll make a point of always having your 'D'Lite' on your person and when you think the time's right, you'll activate it and conjure up several small, bright, lights. You snatch the lights out of the air, they come out of your ears, out of your mouth or from a spectator's pocket and all that as often as you like. The light can appear inside a silk, pass through it, come on or go out at any moment you choose. With two 'D'Lites' you can even have the lights jumping from one hand to the other.

20.00 euro