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Boomerang Card    
It keeps coming back for more...

Articlecode: MI0211B

It remains a graceful effect: you shoot a card away from the deck, and it returns to your hand after a wild flight. The American Gregory Wilson uses it time and again, and surprised Michel Salmon so much, some time ago, that he looked for a way to make this effect accessible for everyone. And oh yes: we give you 'Boomerang Card'! A simple 'gimmick' and a little bit of practice make it possible for you to achieve this effect in no time at all. An ideal means to conjure up a chosen card in a spectacular way. You must already think of some ways to incorporate this effect into your card-routine.

Bear in mind: practice often. If the card shoots off, and doesn't return, you might have to go over those included instructions again…

12.00 euro