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Balloon Mystery    
Bang on!

Balloon Mystery

Articlecode: MI0302

Armed with a trio of different coloured balloons which are attached to three thin metal wires, you step up to greet your youngish audience like a seasoned balloon pedlar. Ask someone to choose a colour from your bunch of balloons. Next, claim boldly that you can make this balloon explode using nothing but your phenomenal mental powers! Remember: no cheating or rigging of the trick and then, all of a sudden, bang!: the balloon bursts, making a devastating noise. Repeat this step, if desired, with the other two balloons.
You'll appreciate that the number of ways of doing this trick are as good as endless. Just the ticket for clowns, children's entertainers, stand-up comics and so on. Colourful, comical and highly effective. Quick to prepare. Fully automatic.

74.00 euro