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Articlecode: MI0303A

For the science-fiction freaks and movie- fanatics among us, these will be the 'top of the bill', but even those of us who aren't really into 'Star Wars' or other intergalactic adventures will soon discover the quality and usefulness of these lichtsabers.

The 'Lightsabers' are the only real, official replica's of the laser-swords, so well known because of the 'Star Wars' heroes wielding them. The 64 super illuminating LED's in the plexi-glass tubes take care of a breathtaking sight on any stage or whatever circumstances you can think of. When switching them on or off, you get an ascending or descending light effect. Apart from that, the swords also contain sensors which produce intriguing sounds (just like in the movies) when switching on, waving, 'slashing' and turning off. The metal grip is pure class as well. Whoever uses swords and/or neon lights on stage, with illusions or whatever, will fall instantly in love with these beauties. No annoying cables to activate your lamp. Completely free in your movements, so you can concentrate fully on the choreography of your stage act. The 'Lightsaber' works with three ordinary AA batteries, and is available in blue or red. A luxurious article, which will find its way to the various stages very quickly. In one word: fantastic!

180.00 euro