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DVD: The Sankey/Skutt Sessions    
Sankey launches a Skutt...

DVD: The Sankey/Skutt Sessions

Articlecode: MI0305A

What do you get when you put two looney's together, and they get along just fine? And what if those 'looney's' appear to be probably the two most creative minds in the magic world? Fireworks… And a series of cool, useful and very original effects. You would almost dare to hope there is a camera nearby at that time…
Well, we've got some good news, because there WAS! The DVD 'The Sankey / Skutt Sessions' is a first joined project by Jay Sankey and Mike Skutt, where they make fools of each other in a hilarious way, interview each other, but mostly is full of the most crazy effects: two signed cards melt together under the most ideal circumstances; a signed coin penetrates the tablecloth before the penetrating the table itself; a wet teabag on a napkin reveals the date of a borrowed coin; the “ring” of a small bell is being placed in a bell which didn't ring before, in seemingly laboratory- circumstances; a pair of cards changes not once, but two times in unbelievably clean circumstances; the black “X” you just drew on a card, jumps to a coin, and then to another card from there; a marked coin disappears from a folded banknote, to reappear suddenly in one of your socks…
In short: we don't need to tell you much more, do we? We really shouldn't either. You just have to see this. Add this one to your collection right away! A must!

39.00 euro