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Fold Flat Substitution Trunk    
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Articlecode: MI0315

Your assistant is handcuffed and shut up in a large chest or trunk. You can first pop her in a mailbag, if desired. Lock the trunk with two padlocks. Tie several ropes round the trunk so that there's truly no chance of escape. Take up your position on top of the trunk.

Pull up a big curtain, round you and the trunk. After a few seconds the curtain falls to the floor. To the audience's great surprise your assistant is now standing on the trunk. She unlocks the trunk, opens the knotted mailbag and takes off your handcuffs, to loud applause!

This incredible illusion is ideal for the big stage, the circus, as well as for cabaret and night clubs. The speed, in particular, with which you swop places in the trunk will have your audience talking long after the show.
The illusion can be done with people standing round you.
The trunk is in varnished, natural wood, which folds up ready for transport. All the accessories come as standard equipment.
Size: 90 x 62 x 70 cm; folded: 90 x 62 x 24 cm.

1,447.00 euro