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Balloon / Fire Dove Tray    
Two doves that are willing to go through hell for you.

Balloon / Fire Dove Tray

Articlecode: MI0407B

On a small tray which, to the audience, doesnít appear thicker, at any point, than a couple of  centimetres, you make two doves appear, surprisingly fast. In itself not bad but add to that - that just a few seconds previously - the tray had been engulfed in flames and youíll readily appreciate that this is a classic prop.
For anyone who is a bit put off by the thought of a sea of flame, a balloon offers an excellent alternative. Place the inflated balloon on the tray and itíll burst on cue when the doves appear.
A flash effect in the widest sense of the word.
A Mephisto product.

168.00 euro