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Bill Flash Card    
Is this what they mean by ‘credit card’?...

Bill Flash Card

Articlecode: MI0405B

You let someone choose a card, and a moment later, you lose it in the deck. Then, you say you would dare to wager 20 Euro’s , that you will be able to find back the card in mere seconds. To validate those words, you produce a banknote which you hold between your fingertips. While everyone is practically with their noses on top of that bill, you make it change into a playing card, lightning fast. Unbelievably nice! You suddenly hold a folded up playing card between your fingers. No trace of any money whatsoever. Unfold the card, and show it is indeed the chosen card.
The change from a banknote to the playing card happens amazingly fast. You won’t know what you’re seeing! Visual magic of the highest order!
Choose for yourself with which banknote you want to show this effect.

33.00 euro