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DVD: Amazing Magic & Mentalism Vol. 2    
Quench your 'thirst for magic'...

DVD: Amazing Magic & Mentalism Vol. 2

Articlecode: MI0415B

The renowned magazine 'Genii Magazine' talks about 'the best introduction to magic, ever produced'. That says a lot about this two- part series, but not nearly enough. These DVD's are ideal for a beginning magician, but also for those who have been busy for some time, and want to go to 'the next level'. You find a virtual treasure of professional tips and advice about 'magic for an audience' and 'the power of simplicity'. The 39 various routines you can find on these DVD's are all realised without the use of special gimmicks and with no difficult manipulations. A fantastic lesson in magic, with uses for every one of us.
In Vol. 1 (65 mins.), you find 20 tricks and learn:
- how to tear and restore a borrowed bill
- how to hook two paperclips together
- how to make a coin disappear
- how to read someone's mind
- how to make objects move.
And much more!
In Vol. 2 (98 mins), you find 19 tricks, and learn:
- how to bend a spoon by use of your powers
- how to hypnotize a hanky
- how to find back cards just by touching them
- how to make a pencil vanish
- how to make coins jump to your pockets
- how to restore a cut rope.
And much more!

25.00 euro