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Mid- air change of scenery!...


Articlecode: MI0404A

Out of four cards, which you hold face down, you let a spectator choose a single one. You put that one, still face down, on the table. Nobody knows which card it could be. Then you show the three remaining cards in your hand. Nothing special, really. They appear to be 3 different cards with a different value each. You ask your spectator to turn his card over, so all can see which one it is. Suppose he chose the ‘Jack of Hearts’. The cards you hold in your hand don’t seem to have anything in common with the chosen card. And still… A small shaking motion is enough to transform the cards you hold in your hand, to the three congeners of the chosen card (Jacks of diamonds, spades and clubs!) All cards can be shown on both sides right away.
The change is lightning fast! Whoever even blinks his eyes, misses the moment. The ones who don’t blink… miss it as well. Inconceivable and thus… phenomenal!
‘In-Air’ hardly uses any manipulation, and is thus within everyone’s limits!

36.00 euro