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Bikini Deck    
The smartest and sexiest deck of cards in the world!

Bikini Deck

Articlecode: MI0504A

Are your spectators sick of seeing the same old card faces? Well, worry no more; the bikini deck lends an appealing human element to your card work. This is a deck that's sure to get noticed. The bikini deck is a superb deck of cards featuring fifty-two bikini-clad women, one representing each card!
But it is also a formidable weapon that offers eight cleverly hidden features including a subtle one-way pattern, a "blondes-red, brunettes-black" correspond-dence and the famous Boris Wild marking system!
With the bikini deck, you can perform many original effects including a highly entertaining routine in which you predict the winner of the "Miss Bikini" pageant. Imagine performing "Out of This World" with blondes and brunettes instead of red and black cards! The possibilities are limitless. Discover the unique potential of the bikini deck. Make your card effects transcend the ordinary!
Includes deck with 52 bikini girls and 3 jokers plus instruction booklet

20.00 euro