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DVD Flex    
Perplexed door 'Flex'!

DVD: Flex

Articlecode: MI0505B

For everyone who canít get enough from the brilliant discoveries by Mickaël Chatelain, there is now this DVD. ĎFlexí is a registration of a lecture he did, together with Carlos Cardoso, and where he explains a lot of effects. Not only does he show 5 of his best effects, he also shows how a handy guy can tinker them together. The enchanting, and charming Carlos Cardoso brings 7 routines, which have shown their power time and again. The tricks are accessible to all. Therefore, Carlos puts emphasis on a good presentation and timing. The combination Cardoso-Chatelain makes for a very enjoyable and enriching viewing pleasure, so it will be easy to expand your arsenal of strong, yet easy to master effects.
A cool DVD of 2 magicians, where itís sure we havenít seen their last trick yet!
Cardoso shows you: Elé-gants, Colour Monte, Fusion Card, Carte pensée, Rose Flash, Card Switch Bill, Hearts.
Chatelain gives you text en explanation for Zig-Zag, Bill Flash Card, Mental Parano, Sel-Impact and Metamorphosis. In English, French or Spanish.

32.00 euro