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Dye Tube + DVD    
A magic paintbox

Dye Tube + DVD

Articlecode: MI0506B

One of the asic moves for a conjurer to master is, without doubt, making a silk change colour. With this ‘Dye Tube’ this happens automatically. Stuff a yellow silk into the top of your clenched fist and pull a blue one out at the bottom! Both hands are shown empty at the beginning of the trick. You can also use  this gimmick to make a silk appear or vanish.
An indispenseble little prop which won its spurs a long time ago.

For anyone who wants to gain some more insights and ideas for using the ‘Dye Tube’, we offer you the DVD ’20 effects avec le manicolor’. In this DVD, the experienced professional magician Pasqual Romano, shows you the limitless potential regarding this attribute. Simple, very visual effects with which you’ll amaze children and grown-ups alike. A DVD which will convince you to make the ‘Dye Tube’ a much used instrument.
DVD in French (but very visual!)

You can also order both products separately. A ‘Dye Tube’ costs 15 € and the DVD ’20 effects avec le manicolor’ can be bought for 25 €.

35.00 euro