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Assassin`s Pouch    
Itís in the pocket...

Assassin`s Pouch

Articlecode: MI0602

Manufactured from heavy-duty, water-proof nylon canvas the Assassin's Pouch is built to last. Black in colour, the pouch goes with every clothing style from casual to formal, while always adding a quite touch of class and professionalism.

Wear it on your belt OR clipped to the belt loop of your pants with the black aluminium carabineer clip OR even just keep the pouch in your case so all your favourite magic and mentalist props are perfectly organized for the next impromptu performance.

With a total of five custom-designed pockets, you'll be amazed by just how much stuff you can carry in the Assassin's Pouch. At the same time, you'll be freeing up your pants and jacket pockets for even more stuff!
The two front pockets feature reinforced Velcro catches for fast, easy access to your props. There's also a slim outer pocket specifically designed for a magic marker. The pouch even has a unique thumb tip holder, making for the world's fastest thumb tip load-on. It only takes a second and there's no more fumbling around in your pockets!
The thumb tip pocket is also designed to carry a standard sized invisible thread reel, complete with a reinforced eyelet secretly positioned at the back of the pouch!

The Assassin's Pouch even includes one of the cleanest coin vanishes in all of magic. Just drop a magnet in the bottom of the pouch and (thanks to the out-of-sight shelf at the base of the pouch) you're all set to make any steel shim coin vanish without a trace. A complete vanish that's also completely angle-proof!

The Assassin's Pouch. Don't leave home without it! Note: Marker, magnet, shim coin and thread reel not included.

26.00 euro