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Ketchup Bottle    
Tastes great with ketchup...

Ketchup Bottle

Articlecode: MI0607A

A comic relief is always welcome, in any kind of act. Good practical jokes, however, are not always easy to find. With this ‘Ketchup Bottle’, you play it safe. This attribute has all the makings of a great practical joke. After the surprise, you get the relief and spontaneous laugh from all spectators. At the right moment, you produce a tomato- ketchup bottle, to give your act that extra flavour. You open the bottle and ask a spectator if he would like to taste it. No matter what the answer, you come closer and squeeze it hard. A whole line of ketchup squirts out of the bottle, and on the spectator. Hilarity ensues when everyone notices the ‘ketchup’ from the bottle is actually a piece of red rope! A joke which never fails to get a laugh.

15.00 euro