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Alcatraz Illusion    
This unobtrusive gimmick may 'escape' their notice...

Articlecode: MI0609

A truly spectacular illusion which is easy to learn and to perform, very easy to transport and, what's more, can even be done with people on all sides of you. Those are just a few of the features which make ‘Alcatraz Illusion’ so special.

You put on stage a ladder that is put in a socle so that it won't fall over. You then tie up your lady assistant with a rope, with her back up against the rungs. A spectator helps you with that and leave no doubt as to the correctness of your actions. With a quick tug, you then hoist a curtain to enclose the illusion. A few seconds later you let the curtain drop again. Your lady assistant has freed herself from her dicey situation and is now stood, proud as Punch, next to the ladder. A lightning escape! It can also be performed in umpteen other ways (e.g. changing places, etc.).

The ladder is 1m60 tall and finished to a high standard of workmanship in wood and meta. An idea from Frédy Coppik.

Complete with curtain

845.00 euro