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Hydrostatic Glass    
Just add water...

Articlecode: MI0610B

You fill a transparent glass with water, and cover the top with a piece of newspaper. Then, you turn the glass upside down. Suspense and disbelief everywhere, because the water stays inside of the glass. Now you carefully remove the bit of newspaper. For some mysterious reason, the water still remains inside the glass. Now, you put a bowl or a bucket underneath the glass and count to three. At the count of three, the water falls out of the glass. A classic, which hasnít aged one bit. And it never will, because time and again, this mysterious effect produces amazed faces everywhere, and that is what itís all about, isnít it?

You receive a nice drinking glass, made from synthetic materials, and the matching gimmick, which will give you hours of magical delight.

15.00 euro