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Arm Box Illusion    
Thereís no (h)arm in that!...

Articlecode: MI0615

With the ĎArm Box Illusioní you proceed to chop your assistantís arm clean in half. Nothing more, nothing less. Care to read along with us?

Your assistant pops her hand into an oblong box which you, with two knives, across her wrist, cut in two.

Pull the two parts of the box slightly apart and show your audience how your assistantís severed hand is still moving.

The two pieces are shown quite separate from each other and yet, uncannily, the fingers continue to move. The illusion is very realistic. Finally, bring the two parts back together again, remove the knives and get your obliging assistant to take her undamaged arm out of the box. A grand illusion, in a handy size, which will stick in your audienceís memories for a long time.

The wooden box measures 31 x 13 x 13 cm and the aluminium knives have a 11 x 31 cm blade.

216.00 euro