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Something going on behind our backs?

Articlecode: MI0104A

Take the four Kings out of a deck of cards, and put them face- up on the table. Ask your audience if anyone ever noticed that the King of Hearts is in a very strange position? It looks as if he actually pierces his swords into his head. Why? Because the King of Hearts is a veritable magician!

Make a spectator choose two cards from the rest of the deck, and then turn the King of Hearts face down on the table. Instead of the normal backside of the card, they can see an image of the backside of the king. On his swords, which he is indeed holding behind his back, are two cards. Of course, these are the chosen cards.

A card trick with a surprising point of view, with no need for manipulation, and a lasting impression with your audience. You receive the specially printed 'Bicycle' Cards.

29.00 euro