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Auto Milko    
For a fluent presentation...

Articlecode: MI0108A

You show two empty glasses and a transparent Perspex plate.

Then you put the glasses, with the opening upwards, on top of each other, with the Perspex plate in between. Next, you fill the top glass with milk, until it is almost completely full. Now you hide the entire "construction" for the eyes of your spectators by putting a screen in front of it, and you pour some more milk in the top glass. Make a magical gesture, and remove the screen. The glasses are in exactly the same position, with the Perspex plate neatly between them, but the milk is now suddenly found in the bottom glass. An unexplainable change of places.

"Auto Milko" is a very visual effect which will be able to enchant your audience as well. Works automatically, so you can concentrate on the presentation of this marvellous effect.

40.00 euro