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Decked Out    
For red-blooded conjurers...

Articlecode: MI0108

Show a pack of cards, from both sides; all the cards are all mixed up and they all have a red back.

A spectator chooses a card, which he then shows to all the onlookers. Straight after that, everyone is forced to concede that the backs of all the cards in the pack have suddenly changed colour. You now hold up the same deck … in which all the backs are blue!

The only exception being the chosen card, with its red back. Even this is not all... Spread the cards in a line, face up, on the table and your audience will notice that all the cards are now neatly arranged in order of colour and face value. One card, however, is missing…

Yes, that's right, the spectator's chosen card! A truly spectacular card trick which is dead easy to perform. You use just the one deck, but … what a deck!

24.00 euro