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Electronic Folding Chair    
It's enough to make you faal over backwards...

Articlecode: MI0111A

When a simple folding chair starts to lead a life of its own, the consequences are virtually incalculable. That's exactly what happens with this 'Electronic Folding Chair'. At the most unlikely of moments, it folds up and clatters to the floor. Unexpected, mystifying and amusing - each and every time! The chair can also be used as an ordinary chair (if anyone dares to that is ). It looks perfectly normal and is very solidly built. As the conjurer who (mentally) has to make the chair fold flat, you don't need to stand anywhere near the chair. Turn that to your advantage; someone standing near the chair can take the blame! Wait for the right moment and, with your customary great timing, create some hilarious situations.

'Electronic Folding Chair' is absolutely reliable and is made from quality wood. Guaranteed to provide many hours of amusement.

922.00 euro