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Crazy Rabbit    
What's that rabbit up to now...


The likeable bunny which, throughout this routine, is a sight too clever for the audience and the conjuror, soon becomes the darling of the public. Hold up four jumbo cards for all to see. On two of the four they see a picture of a conjuror's top hat with a magic wand sticking out of it. On a third card there's an adorable bunny while the fourth card is, once again, adorned with a top hat, but this time with a bunch of carrots in it. Tell them that the bunny first has to earn these carrots by having a little game with you and you put the card (the one with the carrots on it) to one side for the moment. You then make the bunny disappear between the two other cards. It's then up to the kids to guess where it's hiding. Time after time, they pick the wrong card. Suddenly it transpires that no bunny at all is to be seen on the three cards left in your hand! Screaming and shouting, the kids point, finally, to the card which you put previously to one side. And, sure enough, the picture on this card does appear, somehow, to have changed. The children now catch sight the rabbit in the top hat, just in time to see it wolfing down the last carrot.

A very pleasing kids' trick, both to do and to behold. Four attractive laminated cards (25 x 18 cm). A cinch to perform.

34.00 euro