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For decades Mephisto is worldwide appreciated as a manufacturer of excellent magic props.
'Quality' is the key word.
First-rate equipment for the demanding magician.
Here you can make your choice in the one and only Mephisto assortment!
This list is still growing…

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20 Century Silk Frame    

A revamped version of a familiar routine in an innovative setting....

In this version of the '20th Century' silk-producing trick, you use a wooden frame in which, through the sides, you insert two silks. Inflate a balloon and place it inside the open frame. Make a third silk vanish. All of a sudden, the balloon bursts! The vanished silk reappears - tied between the two other silks - inside the frame! Instantaneous deception!

108.00 euro


Arm Box Illusion
Arm Box Illusion    

There’s no (h)arm in that!...

With the ‘Arm Box Illusion’ you proceed to chop your assistant’s arm clean in half. Nothing more, nothing less. Care to read along with us? A grand illusion, in a handy size, which will stick in your audience’s memories for a long time.

216.00 euro


Arm Guillotine
Arm Guillotine    

Live to tell the tale...

Fine workmanship and a faultless mechanism ensure trouble-free operation. Size: 20 x 35 x 2,5 cm.

83.00 euro


Assistent`s Revenge    

Partner-swapping live on stage...

An unexpected, highly-entertaining and lightning switch. Very easy to perform.

2,245.00 euro


Balloon / Fire Dove Tray    

Two doves that are willing to go through hell for you...

For anyone who is a bit put off by the thought of a sea of flame, a balloon offers an excellent alternative. Place the inflated balloon on the tray and it’ll burst on cue when the doves appear. A flash effect in the widest sense of the word. A Mephisto product.

168.00 euro


Broomstick Illusion    

A broomstick as a supporting pillar.

Your assistant, continues, under hypnosis, to hover above the stage, her only support being the broomstick! A hit illusion. Can be performed with spectators on all sides.

1,380.00 euro


Card To Table
Card To Table    

For people with excellent table manners...

With a ‘Case to Table’ you’re always ready to perform a magic show, don’t leave home without one. This very handy case has a superb finish and an astonishing amount of storage space. A quality item.

569.00 euro


Clatter Box
Clatter Box    


Not everyone, of course, has the dexterity of a top-class conjurer. This soon becomes apparent in this trick. The sight of the powerless spectator and the broken box guarantees a resounding success.

54.00 euro


Comedy Card In Balloon    

With this you’ll hit the mark, that’s for sure...

‘Comedy Card In Balloon’ is a top-class number. This routine is a succession of funny tricks, with which you’ll have the audience under your spell for minutes on end. All the accessories come as standard: the tray, the balloons, the playing-cards, the gun, the ammunition and full instructions.

96.00 euro


Crazy Rabbit    

What's that rabbit up to now...

A very pleasing kids' trick, both to do and to behold. Four attractive laminated cards. A cinch to perform.

34.00 euro

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