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For decades Mephisto is worldwide appreciated as a manufacturer of excellent magic props.
'Quality' is the key word.
First-rate equipment for the demanding magician.
Here you can make your choice in the one and only Mephisto assortment!
This list is still growing…

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Cristal Box    

A veritable box of tricks...

This startling appearance is over in a flash, your assistant materializes in the box, as it were. 'Crystal Box' is an ideal way to introduce your assistant and can be presented anywhere. 'Crystal Box' can be completely dismantled.

2,890.00 euro


Dagger Chest
Dagger Chest    

It's enough to give you a headache...

Without a doubt, one of the best-known conjuring tricks. Spectacular, terrifying and inexplicable. These are the keywords of this hit formula. No tricky manipulation is needed with this effect; so you can concentrate fully on the performance. Size: 40 x 29 x 29 cm. Comes supplied with 17 daggers. Easy to dismantle, making it easy to transport.It's enough to give you a headache!

270.00 euro


Diamond Levitation    

Chocks away...

A splendid illusion which simply exudes class. Quite straightforward - both for the magician and his assistant.

8,960.00 euro


Die Box
Die Box    

A weird kind of ‘die cup’...

A quality prop for a tiptop little number, with a high level of participation on the part of the children.

128.00 euro


Dove Thru Glass
Dove Thru Glass    

A real breakthrough in dove magic...

Robins aren’t afraid, now and then, to tap at the window; doves have considerably less need to do that. In fact, they will, under certain circumstances, go right through!. Visually very impressive, ingeniously simple and irresistibly attractive. The frame is made of plastic coated wood.

210.00 euro


Electronic Folding Chair
Electronic Folding Chair    

It's enough to make you faal over backwards...

'Electronic Folding Chair' is absolutely reliable and is made from quality wood. Guaranteed to provide many hours of amusement.

922.00 euro


Electronic Folding Table
Electronic Folding Table    

An almighty crash...

Another exclusive Mephisto product! After much demand, back in production! Because of the lasting success of the "Electronic Folding Chair", our technical department frantically searched for a similar effect with a table. The result was quite something, and the success rate was established soon enough. His folding table is indeed, an ideal combination for the "Electronic Folding Chair", and will undoubtedly guarantee a comical climax in your act.

956.00 euro


Flip Flap Dove    

Don't get into a flap...

‘Flip Flap Dove’ has, undoubtedly, to be one of the simplest methods around for producing a dove. An instantaneous, incomparable transformation! Beautifully finished in PVC.

75.00 euro


Flying Ribbons    

The lawless clothes pegs...

A fantastic mental number with a most unexpected twist, which is sure to appeal to both young and old alike. Immaculately made in pvc. A trick that is guaranteed to provide many hours of amusement.

98.00 euro


Fold Flat Substitution Trunk    

Don't box me in...

This incredible illusion is ideal for the big stage, the circus, as well as for cabaret and night clubs. The speed, in particular, with which you swop places in the trunk will have your audience talking long after the show. The illusion can be done with people standing round you.

1,447.00 euro


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