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For decades Mephisto is worldwide appreciated as a manufacturer of excellent magic props.
'Quality' is the key word.
First-rate equipment for the demanding magician.
Here you can make your choice in the one and only Mephisto assortment!
This list is still growing…

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Funny Rabbit    

The stubborn rabbit...

Faultless equipment, made from wood. The rabbit is 35 cm tall. The stand is 38 cm wide and 5 cm thick.

160.00 euro


Gilbertino Master Silk Tube    

Get a load of this...

To list all the possible applications that this tube has to offer, would take us too far afield. Take our word for it: anyone who acquires this tube will, each day, come up with new applications for it. An item which is among the best of its kind. Is fully automatic! Very easy to use.

88.00 euro



Don't lose your head...

Easy to use and without any risk! In varnished wood, 2 m high and 50 cm wide. The base is detachable. The guillotine itself folds in half, ready for transport.

782.00 euro


Hippity Hop Rabbits
Hippity Hop Rabbits    

This’ll put the colour back in their cheeks...

A humorous routine which both the nippers and the older children will derive great pleasure from (not forgetting the parents who will be watching on the sly). A high level of participation from the young audience is possible. High-class, sturdy finish.

142.00 euro



A caesarean operation to everyone’s liking...

Anyone who see this illusion for the first time, will barely be able to believe his eyes. ‘Interlude’ is so realistic it’s enough to give you the gripes… An incredibly good illusion, which will effortlessly draw you a standing ovation. Can be completely dismantled. In addition, it runs on castors, which makes it more mobile on stage.

2,370.00 euro


Lovey Duck
Lovey Duck    

The suave adorable duckling...

A fantastic routine, heavily charged with emotions and with a very high level of participation from the young audience. The magic effects are visually stunning and are practically automatic.

134.00 euro


Magical Dinner At The Zoo
Magical Dinner At The Zoo    

To make one's mouth water

A very amusing routine with beautiful attributes that will enchant the youngest audience right from the start. Works completely automatically. The figures are 38 cm high, with lots of colour and thus very visual. A must.

214.00 euro


Master Mind
Master Mind    

For avid 'word processors'...

A masterly principle of operation makes this remarkable trick simple to perform.

84.00 euro


Mental Epic    

Put it on my slate...

‘Mental Epic’ is a great classic which continues to stump people. Is fully automatic, leaving you to concentrate on a novel presentation.

96.00 euro


Mind Over Matter Table    

With this you'll really smash things up...

Focus all your mental energy on to a glass that's standing on a small table. After a few seconds the glass smashes into hundreds of small shards.

1,050.00 euro


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