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For decades Mephisto is worldwide appreciated as a manufacturer of excellent magic props.
'Quality' is the key word.
First-rate equipment for the demanding magician.
Here you can make your choice in the one and only Mephisto assortment!
This list is still growing…

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Sawing A Lady In Half
Sawing A Lady In Half    

I don’t know what he saw in her...

Mephisto quality, tailor-made for professionals. The table has a sturdy, metal supporting framework, and the legs have castors. Available in an electronically-powered version (with movable legs) or as a standard kit. Trouble-free operation. Guaranteed to provide many hours of amusement.

4,480.00 euro


Silk In Tube    

Perform strongly with an empty tube...

An exceptionally visual trick. Ideal for the drawing-room as well as the stage. Beautifully finished material. The opaque tube measures approximately 35 cm.

49.00 euro


Suprise Box
Suprise Box    

Oh, It’s what I’ve always wanted...

Simply incredible! ‘Surprise Box’ is a very convincing, engaging trick which will gain you loud applause.

285.00 euro


Turning Head Illusion
Turning Head Illusion    

Haven’t touched a drop, yet you still feel giddy...

An extremely original and comical illusion. Easy to dismantle, making it easy to transport.

202.00 euro


Twin Doves In Balloon    

For the turtledoves in your flock...

This amusing trick is fully automatic and can be performed fully encircled or from close in! The gadget has been completely redesigned so that the preparation for this visual effect now only takes two seconds! Clearly better than all other models!

113.00 euro


Vanishing Dove Cage    

Even the cage has taken flight...

Mephisto is proud to add this exclusive version of this quality professional gadget to its catalogue.

1,286.00 euro


Zig Zag Illusion    

Help, my wife's got a part missing...

All good things come in threes. That same thought must have been on the mind of the inventor of this illusion, with which he divides a woman into three. And seeing as ‘Zigzag Illusion’ has since become a great classic, we’re forced to concede that he’s right there. This illusion has already been successfully incorporated in many a top artiste's repertoire. Now it can be yours too! If you wish to consult briefly with your assistant, we quite understand!

1,882.00 euro


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