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Bermuda Mystery    
A visual disappearance...

Articlecode: MI0310B

You undoubtedly heard about the mysteries surrounding the 'Bermuda Triangle' and the unexplainable disappearances happening there. With a fact like that in your head, the step to the close-up table is easily made… And if this ends in a fantastic and amazing effect, the result is just too good to be true. 'Bermuda Mystery' takes care of a 'big moment' during your act. On a small, black and round close-up mat  (the black hole…) , you put a silver coloured coin in the recess of a carton triangle. You cover this with a playing card. Without any suspicious moves, you pull the card away after a few seconds. The coin has vanished. Just like that! All of a sudden: poof! The 'Bermuda Triangle' lives up to its reputation. Now, let a spectator lift the close-up mat… The coin is lying underneath! Like it was sucked in by the mat! A really beautiful trick, which has no need for any form of manipulation. At the end, you just hand out everything for inspection.
Delivered with all accessories.

40.00 euro