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Don't lose your head!

Articlecode: MI0314A

On stage is a traditional, French guillotine. Ask for a plucky volunteer from the audience. This is a situation which definitely calls for a certain power of persuasion .... who, after all, is going to stick his head in a guillotine just like that ? When, a little later, he puts his head in the awesome device, the audience is on tenterhooks. All of a sudden, the heavy metal plate comes hurtling down ... After averting your eyes, you finally peep between your fingers the spectator's head is still perched neatly on his shoulders.
Easy to use and without any risk!    
In varnished wood, 2 m high and 50 cm wide.
The base is detachable.
The guillotine itself folds in half, ready for transport.

782.00 euro