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Dove Harness    
'Dove' goods.

Dove Harness

Articlecode: MI0412A

The boys from ‘Gaia’ and other animal rights organisations can rest assured. The word ‘harness’ seems oh so misplaced for Bruno Ray’s new model. It looks more like a soft winter jacket, in which our feathered friends will feel more than comfortable. No metal parts or tight positions. On the contrary! A ‘body-suit’ in which your dove sits packed from head to tail. O my, I wish I were a dove…
Bruno (luckily) also thought about the conjurers. This ‘harness’ is extremely simple to use. It opens almost by itself and can therefore easily be operated with one hand. The appearance of the dove now takes place more easily, more naturally, and more magically. An absolute must!
Available in red, black,white and newspaper-look.

32.00 euro