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Flipp Flapp    
A device that likes to keep in shape...

Flipp Flapp

Articlecode: MI0406B

'Flipp-Flapp' can assume the shape of a cube or a bar which is, in itself, most unusual. Turn it which way you will, it always creates the impression of being empty. But besides this magical transformation, 'Flipp-Flapp' is really, first and foremost, a production device. You can, for instance, make up to eight of our special flipp-flapp silks appear (45 cm). Silks apart, you can also make any other object appear, provided it can be folded flat and doesn't take up too much room. Think, for example, of sponge balls, sponge eggs, etc. A tube that entertains and intrigues!
Novel, handy and simple to use. ‘Flipp-Flapp’ measures 32 x 13 cm. Comes without the silks.

51.00 euro