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Fortune Sticks    
Stick to your prediction...

Fortune Sticks

Articlecode: MI0410B

Reading minds becomes Childs play with these 'Fortune Sticks'.
You show three coloured sticks which contain eight different markings each. After you have turned your back towards the audience, one of the spectators may choose a symbol. Then, he must find that marking back on the three sticks, put them neatly in one line and stare at it for a few seconds. That way, he can really put the chosen marking to memory.
Next, the spectator is requested to mix the sticks randomly, and hold them in such a manner that it is impossible for you to see the markings. You turn back around, move your hand over the sticks for a bit, and then you can immediately say which of the markings the spectator has remembered.
The subtle and clever secret of this magic trick thankfully lets you concentrate on your presentation. Easy to perform, but still quite astonishing.

25.00 euro