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Articlecode: MI0604A

Granted, we still have a weak spot for visual effects, where the magician is looking as baffled as a layman. ‘Cell-Out’ is an effect like that. You hold in your one hand a card box, and in your other a Jumbo playing card of another colour. Ready for this? Make sure you pay attention, and don’t blink your eyes! Why? Because before you know it, the box has turned into a mobile phone, an mp3 player, a card box of another colour, some candy, and so on. The change is lightning fast! A great magic trick for promotional purposes. You can produce tons of things, and so incorporate the effect in any kind of magic act. The produced things can, of course, readily be passed around for inspection.

Very easy to perform. The high quality gimmicks (‘Bicycle’ back) do all the work for you… So what are you waiting for?

47.00 euro