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Diminishing Returns    
One size fits all...

Articlecode: MI0105A

After you thoroughly shuffled a deck of cards, you fan it open and show it on both sides. Then you ask a spectator to name any one card. He has a completely free choice! This card is removed from the deck and put aside.

You take the rest of the deck and spread it open again on the table. While the deck is spread open, it shrinks visually until all cards have become miniatures. The chosen card is put between the rest to augment the difference in size.

The miniature cards are spread open once more, and the deck is restored to its normal size. Only the chosen card remains small! After a short while, you also let that card grow back to its usual poker-size.

"Diminishing Returns" is a non- stop number of visual effects, and thus, a real beauty to behold. A very convincing card trick, performable by anyone. Next to detailed instructions, you also receive a nice gimmicked deck of cards and a duplicate set of normal cards.

31.00 euro