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Dove and Balloon Cage    
Get more out of your cage...

Articlecode: MI0115

In this beautifully finished little cage, you can produce a dove at any appropriate moment. Fast as lightning! Magical! It is your choice if you wish to bring this visual effect with or without a balloon. The device is so nicely finished and functional, that the appearance can be done completely surrounded, with nothing to cover or anything to hide. Everything happens so fast, that "Dove and Balloon Cage" becomes a fantastic visual spectacle.

In an empty birdcage you put, through the existing shutters in the bars, a modelling balloon, so it protrudes on both sides of the cage. On your order, the balloon explodes and a beautiful dove is found inside the cage. Or you try another method! You show your audience a cage with a dove inside.

You take it out and make it vanish with any preferred method. Then you take the empty cage once more. A magical movement, a fitting magical word andů suddenly, the dove is back inside the cage.

The cage is made of wood and metal, silvery bars. Size: 31 x 23 x 29 cm. A high- quality article of the highest order, which will bring you a lot of joy.

180.00 euro