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Comedy Card In Balloon    
With this youíll hit the mark, thatís for sure...


A chosen card is rolled up, slid into the barrel of a gun and then handed to a spectator. Next, show them a large tray with on it a red, a yellow and a green balloon. Explain that the object of the exercise is for the spectator to fire his card into a balloon of his choice. But things donít go quite as you had plannedÖ The selected balloon explodes prematurely, producing a big cloud of white dust. The spectator, naturally, gets a second chance and chooses one of the remaining two. Just before he goes to shoot, this balloon too becomes detached from the tray and hisses wildly into the air. And disaster strikes again when he takes aim at the last balloon, as that balloon begins to deflate slowly, until it goes limp! Itís just not his day, it would seem! Luckily, the magician suddenly has a bright idea; perhaps thereís still one way to succeed after all. He shows the bottom of the tray to the audience; it has a target printed on it. Hold the tray in front of your face and ask the spectator to fire the gun so that the card hits the middle of the target. The guns fires Ö a loud report is heard. The target on the tray flaps open, and through the big hole they see your face. Hanging from the tip of your nose is Ö the chosen card! Allís well that ends well.

ĎComedy Card In Ballooní is a top-class number. This routine is a succession of funny tricks, with which youíll have the audience under your spell for minutes on end. All the accessories come as standard: the tray, the balloons, the playing-cards, the gun, the ammunition and full instructions.

96.00 euro