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For decades Mephisto is worldwide appreciated as a manufacturer of excellent magic props.
'Quality' is the key word.
First-rate equipment for the demanding magician.
Here you can make your choice in the one and only Mephisto assortment!
This list is still growing…

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Mini Cube Zag    

A successful illusion involving two tubes.

Your assistant gets into an empty cubicle which is so small she can barely get in. Close the cubicle and run a big metal plate through it. This plate cuts the cubicle and your assistant in two. A sturdy design and an immaculate, professional-looking finish. Can be performed almost anywhere, straight from the packing case.

3,136.00 euro


Mismade Girl Illusion    

Knock her block off....

Manufactured to the highest quality standards. Each part (54 x 54 x 46 cm) can be completely dismantled. No tools are needed, as everything clips together. The only solid part of the kit is the base, which measures 75 x 75 x 31 cm.

2,216.00 euro


Monkey Bar
Monkey Bar    

Make a monkey out of your audience...

A highly entertaining routine. Simple to perform.

21.00 euro


Music Clowns    

This trick's a real hoot...

Very beautiful props. The clowns are 40 cm tall, which makes this trick ideal for presentation on a large stage. Children's magic at its best!

105.00 euro


New Dove Transposition    

By way of a change...

A very striking effect, fully-automatic, can even be done with people on all sides. A sturdy cage design, made of plastic coated wood. Comes supplied with a base that runs on castors.

768.00 euro



Little Cube Makes Grand Illusion...

An astounding illusion, which can be performed completely surrounded. For the assistants, we would like to add that the design of the box is very cleverly thought of, and your position is not so bad. It is more "comfortable" than it seems. Made of Durable PVC. Black and white implementation.

1,175.00 euro



Your audience will crease up this time...

A breathtaking routine which will hold your audience spellbound for minutes. ‘Origami’ consists of a base with detachable legs, a mirror and a cube which you can open out.

2,900.00 euro


Ricardo`s Knife Thru Arm
Ricardo`s Knife Thru Arm    

Jack, the Knife is in the house...

Bloodcurdling magic at its best. Can be done with people on all sides, even in close-up. Only the one knife. A very ingenious system. Comes complete with imitation blood.

94.00 euro


Ring Illusion
Ring Illusion    

Run rings round your adience...

High quality apparatus and easy to perform!
The entire illusion consists of: 10 rings of 45 cm each, made of aluminium; 1 plate of 55 x 40 cm; one beam, 170 cm high and possible to dismantle into two parts; a curtain, 2 metres high.

1,140.00 euro


Run Rabbit Run
Run Rabbit Run    

Just who’s outfoxing who...

Works automatically, easy to perform, success guaranteed. Hard-wearing material.

120.00 euro


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